# ShoppRe Parcel Forwarding Solution

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# What are the Customer Pain Points we address?

On one side: Indian products (specifically clothing, jewellery, ethnic handicrafts, Ayurvedic medicines, food items etc) outside India are:

  • Expensive
  • Limited in Variety and Quality

And on the other side, Indians (and others) residing outside India currently does not have access to E-commerce companies in India as:

  • Most of the websites do not provide international shipping. Those few websites which provide international shipment do it an exorbitant rate.
  • Many websites currently do not allow the usage of International Credit/Debit cards.

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# What is the Solution?

ShoppRe Parcel acts like a bridge, making Indian Products available to the people outside India at an optimized rate.

  1. Virtual Address, Storage, Consolidation & Shipping: ShoppRe Parcel provides an Indian Shipping Address that can be used by customers living abroad, to shop from various online portals like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, and more. Their items arrive at our facility and we let them store it for 20 days FREE of cost. Within this, they can accumulate as many items as they want and finally we consolidate, repack and ship it to their doorstep in 3-6 business days, anywhere across the globe.

  2. We also have a Personal Shopper service wherein we shop for the customer’s behalf in case their international cards are not working.

# What do people say about us?

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