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# Know more about ShoppRe

Inspired by bezosexpeditions.com

Strategic Intent:

Vision: To provide access to the Indian e-commerce worldwide in one click.

Mission: ShoppRe's aim is to organize India's e-commerce information and make it globally accessible and useful

Business Definition:

Business Model: Alt Text

Executive Leadership

  • Nikkitha Shanker, CEO
  • Ajay Raj, Operations
  • Punith H S, Technology
  • Sharath Jayaram, Sales
  • Vikas Kumar, Marketing
  • Bibhas Ghoshal, Payments

# Initiatives

# Goals:

  • Building community inside India

    • 1 million Indian sellers get reach global with ShoppRe
    • Indian Shipping Professional, Shops, Companies & Knowledge
    • Building ecosystem for exports(Payments, Customs).
  • Building community Outside India

    • 100k sellers outside India to source their goods from any part of India.
    • Reach 30 Million NRIs
    • Building ecosystem for imports by enabling marketing, technology to the businesses sourcing from India to promote Indian Goods

# Achievements

# Inside India

  • 5000+ Indian sellers got globalised their business presence with ShoppRe since 2016.
  • 1000+ Indian sellers every month get revenues using ShoppRe.

# Outside India

  • 200+ sellers outside India every month source their goods via ShoppRe.

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